You are my sunshine, Calder

I used to be able to post a list of all the new things Calder was saying, but I can't do it anymore. He is at a point in his language development that I just can't keep up. Case in point:

Hugh had a hockey game on Friday night where his team won the Fort Carlton Hockey League! Can I get a whoop whoop? So on Saturday morning when Calder came into our room I whisked him into the main bathroom for his morning pee so that we wouldn't disturb Hugh. Here's what Calder told me on the way to the bathroom:

"We can turn the bathroom light on in here, because nobody sleeps in here. Only cars sleep in here. . . and monster trucks (referring to the toys he took in the tub the night before that were laying on the bath mat). And the monster trucks crash into the cars and make little tiny pieces. We need to pick them up when Pace comes to our house."(Pace is Calder's 1 year-old cousin) 

It is so cool now that Calder has these language skills to get a little glimpse at what's going on inside of his head!
• • • 
Last weekend Hugh, Calder and I were playing in the backyard with a couple of girls from down the street who are in grades 5 and 3. Well actually, it was the kids who were playing and it wasn't in the entire backyard. It was in a small area of space that Hugh and I had cleared the land mines from. I had the awesome job of holding the bag, while Hugh used a spade to pick up the poop. It was fairly gross. I am usually doing much more important things when Hugh starts picking up poop! 

Out of nowhere Calder goes, "look, a spider." The girls gasp and take a step back at the same time. Calder has not only spotted the spider, he has picked it up and is moving his arm towards their faces so that they can get a better look. Hugh bravely put himself between Calder and the girls, but barely had a chance admire Calder's eight legged friend, before Calder tossed the it to the ground and began stomping it with his rubber boot. 

One of the girls said, "he's definitely a boy."
• • •
It has obviously been a while since we have sang "You Are My Sunshine" to Calder. Yesterday while killing some time in the van I started singing it to him. Calder was all ears until I got to the part, "You'll never know dear how much I love you. . . " He cut in and said, in a way only Calder can, "Yes I do."

My heard melted just a tiny bit.

I had forgotten that there is more to the song, "You Are My Sunshine" than just the chorus. Check out Johnny Cash's version.


  1. That is really sweet "Yes I do" :)

    Yolande and Emme looked up all the words to the song a couple of weeks ago, it was surprising because I knew a couple verses, but not ALL of them, and some of them are just depressing. lol. My Mom used to sing this song to us when we were little all the time, and it was sung at her funeral. Now I have a hard time singing it to my kids without tearing up:(

    Calder is at my favourite age:) I look forward to working with kids his age at my Montessori and hearing all the things they have to say.

  2. Kelly, I recognized a lot of the lyrics too, but I have no idea from where. Thanks for sharing that memory of your mom. I like hearing about her.


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