Where are you Super Mom?

Yesterday was about inspiration.

I was feeling bogged down by all of the tasks in front of me. I was feeling discouraged about the lack of thoughtful writing I had been doing.

On the way home from work I thought. And thought. And I realized that I needed "Super Mom" back. That woman was full of positive thinking and could get any number of tasks completed. It has only been a couple of weeks since I summoned her (read HERE), but somewhere along the line she had already gotten lost.

This morning I realized that I am NOT a natural "Super Mom." You know how you say that some people are just natural piano players, natural dancers, natural hockey players, natural (INSERT any activity you could possibly think of HERE), etc. These people have talent and their gifts come second nature to them. They were born to be piano players, dancers, and hockey players.

Then there are other people like me.  We can work really, really hard at something, but it never feels quite natural. Don't get me wrong - we get quite good at things through hard work and dedication. Hey - we can even have "Super Mom" moments, but we work hard to make those moments happen. We are kind of like the athlete who spends every waking moment playing their sport and every other moment eating, breathing, and dreaming it. We might not be fast enough to go to the Olympics or tall enough to play in the NBA, but we have undeniable talent. That's me. I have talent. I just need to CONSTANTLY remind myself of it.

"Super Mom" is a mind set that I need to continually work on getting to. My brain doesn't automatically go there. My brain likes the "I am so stressed and overwhelmed because there are 124 things on my list and my kid is screaming and I don't know what to have for supper and there is an exam waiting to be marked and my house is a mess and when am I going to call for a hair appointment because my hair is still pink from Valentine's day,  I just don't have any time to call let alone sit down and have my hair done for a couple of hours" kind of place. It is in this place, that although there are 124 things to do, NOT ONE gets done. Because, let's face it. It is too stressful and overwhelming a place to actually get anything done.

Yesterday I inspired myself. And then it didn't hurt that I read THIS and THIS. Super Mom is back.


  1. You read my mind. I just got out of 2 straight days in that boggled down world of stressed out that leaves me just wanting to lock myself in a closet and scream. Great post for me today! Sometimes it makes me feel better knowing I`m not the only one.

  2. Oh, you are incredible.

    That is all... ;) You are SO SO SO talented. :)

  3. Oh Deena! Wait until you read tomorrow's post. Call me anytime for a reminder you are not alone!!!

    Dani, you are a sweetheart. Thanks :-)


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