Girl's Night Out - Tisdale Style

I should have taken a picture of super. It was divine.

Two of my dearest friends growing up live in Saskatoon and the three of us try to get together for a girl's night out once a month. Twyla and her husband are getting close to completing an addition and a pile of renovations to their house and so Twyla agreed to host (we usually eat out. . . who wants to cook ;-). I was excited to see their new and improved digs. Let me just say it is gorgeous. I am not sure why I didn't take any pictures of their house! Let's just say the largest island in the kitchen I have EVER seen, not to mention the most cupboard space! And for all the men - there is a TV in their master bathroom!

Our change in venue suited Delayne just fine as well. . . but for other reasons. Twyla makes KILLER cakes and after a bit of whining Twyla agreed to make one for Delayne whose 29th birthday is on March 9th!

Take 1 - I called a re-do because I didn't want to be alone in the front row of our GROUP shot.
Take 2 - Delayne said she needed to lose the double chin. At the time I didn't know what she was talking about because I was too busy noticing that with the flash on I looked a bit like death warmed over. Twyla said the photo was weird. I think she must have said that because Delayne and I weren't happy. She looks gorgeous. But regardless, it was unanimous. We needed one more.

Take 3  - Delayne's non-existant double chin is gone, Twyla still looks gorgeous, yet my bags and pale skin are still there. Weird!


  1. THAT CAKE LOOKS AWESOME!!!! (you ladies look great too;)

  2. Thanks Jordan, I love that it is Delayne's 29th birthday... although with our killer math skills, maybe it is...


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