Super Mom Mess Up

About 5 minutes after my "Super Mom" revelation on Tuesday I pulled up to Calder's day home to pick him up. As I approached the door I noticed that it looked fairly dark inside, but didn't think anything of it. The doors was locked. Strange. Maybe they are in the back yard. I peer through the fence boards and had a good listen. Nothing. Hmmmm. . . I head to the van to check my phone. I figure Hugh must have picked Calder up and I was left out of the loop. This could have easily happened because of the way I misuse my cell phone. You see I usually don't have it charged, let alone with me. I get to the van and toss things around until I find my phone. I flip it open and see two texts from Calder's daycare provider (DP).

Oh. Crap.

It was Tuesday. This meant it was 4 pm pick up day. It was 4:23 pm. UGH.

I call DP and profusely apologize. I then head into the city to pick up Calder. When there was no one to pick him up at 4 pm, poor DP was forced to take him to the city with her for her appointment.

The thoughts rolling through my head at the point were, "how the heck am I going to apologize in a meaningful way for this gargantuan mess up" and "You are an idiot. How could you forgot? You are an idiot. How could you forgot."

All of the work I spent getting inspired was almost lost. I spent the next 2 hours feeding myself some seriously positive self-talk to get back to my "Super Mom" happy place. It took maximum effort to find my way back to that inspired feeling I had during my drive, but I got there and I wrote. Major triumph.

On top of the guilt I felt for wasting DP's time, I was also embarrassed. It was pajama day at school. Because of my colossal mistake I was out in public wearing panama pants. This fashion faux pas is seriously high on my pet peeve list. I wanted to shout to everyone I ran into (especially the good-looking guy who held a door for me), "IT WAS PAJAMA DAY! I DON'T DRESS LIKE THIS. SERIOUSLY, IT WAS PAJAMA DAY!"


  1. BAHAHAHHAHAAH. Oh, I love this. I love this in an admiration that you can look back and laugh at yourself. You crack me up and made my day.

  2. Bahahaaa!! Remember back to my story of Aaron forgetting to be home when Noelle got home on the bus - and we ended up having to drive around the countryside trying to find the bus, because the driver wouldn't drop her off alone? Ahhh. Life.
    Ps. I hope the pants had pink bunnies on them!!

  3. PJ Day- oh how I understand. I was at a lab once getting bloodwork done in my onesie. Yup. I was hoping people would just know that I was crazy enough to be a teacher... and not just plain crazy (though... are these two things just the same thing?? ;)).

    And I don't think forgetting has anything to do with NOT being a super mom.. I think it has to do with having a job that demands a lot of your attention and not a lot of time to think of anything else! :)


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