Winter's Last Day

I figure I better get this post up. With a high of +15 degrees celsius today, our snow might be gone by the time we get home. In fact yesterday's high of +6 did quite a number on Saturday's fun already!

 Hugh and Calder traded toques!

 Grandpa Fritshaw hung around to help us build! Our neighbours might think we are quite the boozers. Check out Frosty's eyes and nose.

 Calder decided we needed a fort. So we built a fort.

 Kids in the neighbourhood were slowly creeping by our house to get a look at Calder's "cozy house." (his words :-)

I don't like the cold, but I do like winter. It feels incredible on days like this to be outside. I hate to complain, but I wish we had had a bit more snow this winter and a few more -10 days to enjoy playing in it.

But there is no looking back. I think spring may be here.


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