Ketchup Chip Dreams

We had a crazy, fun weekend that was filled with TONS of company and activity. It was exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. 

I didn't sleep well this weekend, but it didn't stop me from go-go-go. There wasn't time to stop, let alone slow down. I don't always function well in these conditions, but with a bit of help from our company, I even got caught up on our laundry! I have finally learned how to release some of the control and let people help when they ask, "what can I do?" I also had the recent TED Talk I watched on my mind and was continually reminding myself that yes, I was SUPER-Mom.

This afternoon as our company slowly started to disperse and we got some quiet time, Calder and I sat on the couch with some chips. I needed a moment to veg and Calder having just fallen down from a chair at the table and bit his tongue (it looks like raw meat in two spots where his teeth punctured) did not hesitate to get on board. Calder decided to watch monster trucks on the iPad, so I tuned into the Brier. At one point my eyes were getting heavy and I glanced over to see Calder's the same way. Two minutes later he was out. Ketchup fingers still cradling the bowl. 

I was completely jealous.


  1. I craved ketchup chips all day today... :) And a good nap, maybe? Too cute! :)


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