Where's the ladder?

Last night I wanted to throw our Mac off our roof. I was making thank-you cards for Calder's birthday and I needed to add text to a photo. I have used other programs before, but since we just got the new Mac desktop, I thought now was as good a time as any to get the most out of our computer. I only searched for a couple of minutes to figure it out. I then went to work on all of this elaborate text - different fonts, sizes and colours.

The program froze.

No problem.

Macs automatically save what you are working on. I re-open the program and there is my photo with only about a minutes worth of editing lost. But wait. I can't alter any of the editing I have already done. Not only that, the font sizes I was using are no longer available.

After a 1/2 of googling solutions, I decide to restart my computer to see if that will fix it. It does. Although I still can't edit the text, I can get the font size I want. So, I start from scratch. And after 20 minutes of editing, it happens again.

I LOVE technology, but if Hugh had been home last night, I would have hopped in the van and headed to the dollar store to get thank-you cards for Calder's birthday.

Fortunately for party goers Hugh wasn't home and I spent the night creating the cards!

Here are some photos from Calder's 1st  birthday party.


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