Calder's Family Album

When Calder was a few months old I started a "scrapbook" for him. The reason scrapbook is in quotations is because Calder's book isn't one of those typical fancy looking books where putting it together is a full-time job and major coin is needed to purchase all the fancy paper and stickers.

Calder's book was meant to be drooled on. It was meant to have fingerprint smears and pages bent. It was meant to be used by a child.

I thought it would be neat for Calder to stare at pictures of himself with all of his family when he had the much dreaded tummy time. I thought he might be a bit less shy with those family members who lived far away if he saw their faces a bit more often. I thought he would learn about letters and words if he could see a name and picture together.

I can't say for sure if any of those things happened, but I do know Calder has ALWAYS loved looking at this book. I think it was most fun when he was just learning to talk. He would point to every single picture and name the people in it. Even now he still likes to look at it and point out, "baby Calder!"

How did I do it? The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but here it is. I bought 8.5 x 11 coloured paper and a small paper cutter to make straight cuts. I printed the names off of the computer and slipped each sheet into a sheet protector. The binder was an old one I had in the house. Turns out I picked Calder's favourite colour! I filled it with photos of Calder with all of his grandma and grandpa's, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I also saved some room at the back for some emotions like happy, surprised, and maybe my favourite, angry! I tried to add photos about every 6 months. At the back I included our sponsored child as well as the child my mom sponsors for Calder.

Over the break I made Tripp's page. It was the last one. I also put updated pictures from the last 6 months on everyone's page. The book is full which, as it turns out, means the book is now complete. It covered Calder for his first 3 years from. I am sure the pages will continue to get bent and pulled at for a few more years. I would definitely do this again. The time spent was well worth the amount of enjoyment Calder has gotten out of it.
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