Christmas Kindness #3

Wednesday, 7:43 pm

Calder's daycare provider gave me this gift at Christmas. She doesn't normally get gifts for parents, but had been thinking of us and our first Christmas without Tripp.

It took me FOREVER to get a picture small enough to fit in it. You can't tell the scale of the snow globe from the picture I took, but the globe magnifies the picture. This means the picture is even smaller than it looks.

I have been thinking a lot about Tripp today. In fact, the snow globe caught my eye this morning when I grabbed my socks out of my top dresser drawer. I read the caption and took a moment to remember the moment.

That picture was taken the first time I EVER got to cradle Tripp. It makes me sad to think the first time I held him was to say good-bye, but the smile on my face is not fake. I was so happy to finally get to hold my baby and to be able to comfort him and take care of him. This photo captures one of the happiest moments of my life.

That moment was definitely a happy occasion.


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