It's 8:32 am. I am sitting my classroom basking in the silence. Usually my classroom is already buzzing with students dropping of books and stopping in to get some extra help. We have professional development this morning, so students have the day off. Parent teacher interviews were last night and we have another set this afternoon. It feels good to sit in my classroom without the rush of getting started. Yesterday, I when I was trying to figure out how to squeeze a few minutes out of my day to write, my thoughts moved to today and there was a sense of calm. Time to write. Time to think. Time to breathe.

Life in a school is busy. Every moment of every day is busy. I so love days like today where I get to reflect on what I do. To think about how I teach and how I can do it better. This last year I have fell in love with the writing process which I think is primarily due to the reflecting I do as I write. I spend so much time working (marking, planning, and creating) that it feels like there isn't time in a regular day to spend time reflecting on teaching. . .

My session is calling. I am intruigued by the topic and will spend my morning soaking it in and enjoying the companionship of my colleagues.

Happy Friday!


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