Last year we took Calder to Gama Medical in Warman. The doctor there diagnosed him with a hydrocele, but Hugh and I barely heard a word of it. The doctor was HOT (and around here is fittingly known as "the hot doctor" - I am way over Grey's Anatomy, but I think McSmokin' is quite fitting, so I'm going with it). The whole time McSmokin' was talking all I could think about was how I was going to take my bulky snow boarding coat off without causing a big kerfuffle. I was very concerned that McSmokin' needed to know that I wasn't a box with a tiny head on top, I was pregnant!  

I was almost giddy after we left the clinic. McSmokin' is seriously HOT. Hugh and I didn't say a word about what we had just heard until we got outside. Then the first spoken words came from Hugh: "that was one good looking dude!" 

On the way home from the clinic we tried to piece together exactly what McSmokin' said about Calder's impending SURGERY, but we came up very short. Apparently Hugh was as mesmerized as I was.  Instead we learned about hydroceles on the Internet. (You can read about Calder's surgery HERE.)

The Part Where I Made A Complete Fool of Myself:
On Wednesday, Hugh and I were concerned about Calder and figured it was time to see a doctor. I got thinking that it would be cool if doctors had an app with recorded sounds of different coughs. Calder was hacking quite a bit, but I knew it was a crapshoot whether he would cough while we were in with the doctor. Hugh then had the brillant idea to videotape Calder in the morning on my iPad so I could take a sample of the cough in with me. 

Pumped, I hopped on the phone and dialed the clinic. The moment the receptionist told me that Calder was booked with McSmokin', I knew it was my chance to make a better first impression. I hoped in the shower and got "going out" ready (which IS different  than "work ready" or "weekend ready", as any woman knows). While I did my hair I started spinning this post. I figured it would be better with a picture, so once I was ready I grabbed my iPad and snapped one. 

Fast forward to the clinic. The appointment was going smashing. This time I wasn't blindsided by McSmokin's hotness and was actually able to listen to what he was saying. Calder hadn't coughed as the check-up was winding down, so McSmokin' asked me what it sounded like. Feeling quite proud of the video idea, I ripped out my iPad to show him the footage. I opened the camera, clicked on what I thought was the video and with McSmokin' leaning over my shoulder, pulled up one of the head shots I had took earlier in the morning. I tuned bright red, panicked and flipped out of the camera app. Flustered and completely embarrassed, I started bumbling about the picture not being what I was looking for. UGH. I HAD to find the video. Calder needed to get better. So with McSmokin' still over my shoulder, I dove back in. This time, I got the video pulled up, but not before flashing a roll of 30 or more of the heads shots I had taken (I had to get the perfect shot - can you blame a girl?). I was so embarrassed, that once McSmokin' heard the cough and diagnosed it as croup, I barely heard a word he said. All I could think about was what a loser I was! So much for making a better first impression. Instead of being a hockey puck with a head, I was the girl who thought she looked so hot before going to see him she took 30+ pictures of herself. Oy.

I have had a day to think about this and the more I embarrassedly ponder, the more I realize this whole thing is Hugh's fault.* I mean seriously, if he hadn't have suggested videotaping Calder, I never would have gotten myself in this mess. 

Here's the stupid picture. It isn't even that good. In fact, the quality is terrible. What was I thinking taking the photo with my iPod. I HAVE A CAMERA.

* And for the record, although this whole mess is Hugh's fault, he also gets credit for Calder's diagnosis. Damn it. Its a wash.


    You are the McSmokin' one. Great pic.

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning. That was hilarious!

  3. Best EVER! :) I think the picture is great :) And I totally would've taken 30 too, you need to get one that's JUST RIGHT! :)

    I think I know this doctor... is he from South Africa? :)

  4. This post totally made my day!!!!

  5. Hahaha, awesome, I love it, thanks for the giggles! It is funny how it is the times when a person tries extra hard to be "smooth" that it backfires. P.S. You look fabulous in your picture :). Hope you have a nice wkend.

  6. I totally know who you are talking about and McSmokin' is the GREATEST name for him!! He is SO HOT!!!! Loved this post :) When I was pregnant I had to get an ECG with McSmokin....the kind where they attach little stickies to your *ahem* chest. Ya. That was I don't feel like the only person who is embarassed around him!! lol!!

  7. After sharing your story on Friday just had to read about the experience. Ha! Ha! made my weekend


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