Shout it from the rooftop. . . or maybe just our lawn.

Hugh and I hit the bathroom after our counseling session yesterday. After as we walked out to the van the first think Hugh said to me was, "I could see us going to see Brad for the rest of our lives." I had been thinking the exact same thing. 

It is a safe place to be heard. Brad prompts us to examine ideas and feelings. We get to talk about Tripp. We get to talk about Calder. We get to talk about us. 

Hugh and I discuss everything that goes on in our lives. We have real conversations, but we find that when we go to counseling we talk a bit more about the bigger picture, whereas in everyday life we talk about specific events. It is really good reflection.

This week on my friend, Dani's blog, she talked about her experience with counseling saying, "I didn't know if I was "crazy" enough to need to go to that extreme, to actually talk to someone about my life." I know exactly what she is talking about. There is a stigma around asking for help. Especially help for what we are feeling.

I have started feeling so good about seeing Brad, that I am not afraid to shout off our roof top that we are talking to him (although I am not afraid to shout it off our roof top, I am afraid to climb up there. Maybe I should talk to Brad about that?). Once again, it felt good to go.


  1. Never be afraid to ask for help... Everyone needs it at some point in their lives. You and Hugh are stronger people for asking for help and knowing you need it. Never be ashamed of that! I'm not ;)

  2. SO TRUE!!!! :) :) :)

    And I can't thank you enough, for not only encouraging me to use the resources I have, but also for being open with your experiences. Your willingness to show the incredible support you get from Brad was what convinced me that I should care for myself too!


    ps. Avoid your roof at this time. It's been melting, and it might be icy up there. NOT the place you want to slip.... ;)


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