Calder's Surgery

We had a scary morning.  I felt sick before we left the house and starting crying when we pulled into the parking lot at RUH.  I wasn't ready to be back.

While we were waiting with Calder and I had many tearful, sad moments.  I was scared for Calder and I was feeling the loss of Tripp all at the same time.

Our "bear" did great until about 9 am when hunger set in.  He started asking for Fruit Loops and Smarties. When we weren't caving to those requests he started asking for healthy things like milk and yogurt!

He cried until the took him in for surgery at 10 am.  It was hard.  Calder only wanted hugs from his dad. I was happy Calder had Hugh to comfort him.

Calder has had a cold the last couple days and has been doing a bit of coughing.  When the anesthesiologist came to speak with us she told us there could be an increased risk.  My brain shut off.  All I could think about was Calder not waking up.

What are we doing? 

I started bawling.  I told the doctor that I couldn't make any more hard decisions this week.  I  had to ask her again to explain the increased risk.  I hadn't heard a word she said the first time.  She calmly told me that there was an increased risk of coughing.  His cough might get a bit worse.  That was the risk?  I was so upset that I couldn't even answer her.  I turned to Hugh and asked him if we should go through with it.  I wasn't able to decide.  Hugh calmly said yes, we could live with that risk.  They took Calder away and I cried.  It was that ugly cry that you save for at home.  I was terrified to death that something would happen to Calder.

I prayed and prayed and prayed.  Just over one half an hour later the surgeon came out and told us the surgery was a success.  There was a wave of relief that passed over me and when the surgeon left Hugh and I alone, I cried again.  It was over and everything was fine.

I got to see Calder first when he got up.  Hugh and I decided that since only one of us could go into recovery to see him that it would be me.  We knew that once Calder saw Hugh there would be no cuddles for me.  While we were in recovery he wolfed down 2 popsicles.  They then took him to the next recovery room and gave him one more.  He asked for a 4th popsicle, but they were afraid it would upset his stomach and that he would throw up.  Our "bear" was back.

I couldn't blame him at all.  He was tired.  It was well past nap time.  He was hungry.  Popsicles don't fill a kid up.

The nurse told us children usually fall asleep with their parents in recovery and wake up feeling much better.  Not our son.  He has only fallen asleep on us once after he had had the flu and puked all day.  He was not going to fall asleep on Hugh now. After 45 minutes of crying Calder finally settled when we took him to the window to look at traffic.  About 45 minutes after that they let him eat.  He ate 2 pieces of toast and drank a bunch of juice.

He has been an angel for the rest of the day.  It didn't even seem to phase him that he didn't get a nap.  I can't say the same for Hugh and I.

The doctor had told us to take it easy with Calder for the afternoon, so Hugh and I thought we would rent a movie and see if we could get him to sit down and watch it.  No luck.  At one point Hugh and I were dozing on the couch (we had missed our nap!) and Hugh heard Calder shouting from his room, "jump, jump".  Hugh went to take a look at what was going on and saw that Calder had pulled a rubbermaid tub out of his closet and was jumping off of it.

Apparently, he isn't in any discomfort!


  1. Glad to hear the surgery went well!


  2. I too am happy the surgery went well.

    Sleep tight!

  3. you guys have been through so much! - take good care of each other and get lots of rest!!

  4. I am thinking of the both of you lots. Hugs from the Cey family to yours. Jordan, I told Hugh that after Jonah's hydrocele surgery he was jumping on the bed and the weigh scales in the recovery room-so I hear you on the "jump, jump":)
    -Jody R-Cey


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