Calder's New Wheels

On Sunday while we were in Tisdale, we took Calder skating for the first time. Calder LOVES hockey and has been talking about going skating for a couple of weeks. In fact, last Sunday we had our gear at the door and were just about to head to the rink when Calder burst into tears and asked us if he could please stay home. That should have been our first clue at how sick our boy was going to get! Too sick to play hockey means Calder is REALLY sick!
You will have to excuse the foggy photos. I left the camera in the van overnight. Oops. 

This week saw tears, but they were our of frustration. At one point he was crying and said, "I can't stand!" And he couldn't. He was like a wet noodle and couldn't seem to figure out how to get his feet underneath himself. We had a little heart to heart about how he couldn't always walk, but now he is a super fast runner. He did give it one more quick try after that. It was a brief outing, but a good first taste. I hope Calder learns to love skating. I love the freedom on the ice. I want him to love it too.

It won't be long before we are reminiscing about his first skate and saying, "now he is faster than Dad!" A few years after that we will reminisce and say, "and now he is even faster than mom!" hahaha!


  1. :)

    This post has brought so much joy! You are all so lovely! Enjoy watching the learning, the fun and the joy of the ice through his eyes :)


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