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Today I am the featured mom on Deena's Mommy Diaries. I LOVE that Deena does this. It is so cool to see other mom's perspective and also neat to see how similar we all are. Check it out HERE.

If you are looking for some other good reading today, there have been a couple hilarious reads at If you are a Twihard, THIS will sing to you. (It will sing to you if you aren't one, too. Hugh isn't a Twihard and still found it laugh-out-loud funny. After I made him read it.) I could really relate to her post yesterday.  I recently found a small lump in my left deltoid. I am getting an ultrasound in January as a precautionary measure (the doctor thinks it's a lipoma). It's not necessarily cancer. Don't panic. Read the Bloggess. It seriously isn't necessarily cancer. I'm not necessarily worried. LOL. But, seriously, it isn't cancer! And I'm really not worried.


  1. I saw this event on the Moose Jaw Tourism event and thought of you.
    Not sure if there is an event nearby, but we will be participating at home. It happens this Sunday (December 11)

  2. Remember when I thought I had lung cancer and was trying to figure out how I was going to tell everyone :)


  3. Anonymous,
    Thank-you so much for leaving that link. I contacted the bereaved parents group in Saskatoon and found out where it is held here. I am so glad I know about it.

    Jes. Yes I remember when you thought your heart was cancer when you looked at an x-ray of your chest! bahahahah! I laughed out loud when I read that. Thanks for the reminder.


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