Christmas Letter

Hugh and I usually send out photo card and letter at Christmas time. We like to think we are funny, so we add our own flavor to the letter. Here is a taste of last years:

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, it is that time of year again already; Clark Griswold, decorating the house and Christmas Cards. Yah! As we sit here thinking about the items we would like to share with all of you, Calder is getting settled into bed for the evening. This year will once again be our “Top Ten” list (remember, in no particular order). 

10.  We will start with Rapid City, SD. Hugh, Calder and I headed down South to visit Luke for Christmas last year. It was the worst drive of our lives. Calder had had the flu a couple days before we left and it decided to attack Hugh and I the morning we left. My sister, Jes, and her boyfriend, Nathan, were lifesavers. Hugh and I couldn’t even function when we got to Regina, so they took Calder so we could have a nap (again. . . sorry you guys got sickJ). Once we got to Rapid, we had an amazing time. It was so great to see Luke and watch him play. On Christmas Eve, we were the lone visitors to Mount Rushmore. It was super cool. We ended up heading home in a huge storm, but I will take that over puking any day.

7. Even though there was not as much adventure as in the past, the annual fishing trip was once again a blast! We went to La Ronge and stayed at one of the guys’ cabins. The weather was great, the bears were flowing and the food was amazing. Even though I had to leave a day early, I age enough lard-boiled fish to make me go without eating for 2 full days! I can’t wait until this year’s trip. 

2. Calder is growing and growing and growing. He took his first steps in January and had a permanent bruise on his head for the first 6 months of the year. Calder walked “early”, but took his sweet time talking. He said his first words at 15 months. Whether his first word was mommy, daddy, or puppy is still up for debate. Calder loves being outside, regardless of the weather and has picked up and eaten many unknown objects he has found during his adventures.  His favorite toys are his Thomas the Trains, Mega Blocks, and cars. He loves to read stories about Elmo, Thomas, and any book with a “mighty machine.” Noo Noo (noodles) and hard cheese are his favorite foods, with any type of sausage coming close behind. Let’s just say, he is “practically perfect in every way,” to quote Mary Poppins. 

1. For those who have not heard, Jordan is pregnant again. She is due on March 21 and we are both very excited. Lately, we have been trying to tell Calder he is going to be a big brother but I don’t think he has a clue. However, we bring Calder into bed with us in the morning and after he says “morning” to both of us, he kisses mommy’s baby (Jordan’s belly). I think this is really cute. Jordan thinks it’s really cute when he then kisses daddy’s baby (my belly). We will be getting Calder’s new room ready of the Christmas break so we don’t have to change anything in the baby room. I used to roll my eyes when friends would tell me they couldn’t wait for another newborn. After all of the work with Calder, I didn’t think I would be ready ever again. I can’t wait for the baby to come for so many reasons but none greater than the fact that I get to continue to share my wonderful life and all of the beautiful people I love, with another little person.

* * *
This year we didn't do a letter. When we reflected on our year we felt sad. And although there were lots of happy, fun things that happened, we didn't feel like writing a letter in the way we normally do, so we didn't do one at all. I hope that we feel differently next year. I enjoy being able to write that letter with Hugh and I think our friends and family get a kick out of it as well (or at least I tell myself they do!).


  1. (hugs) Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jordan. We will light a candle for Tripp this Chrismas Eve, and we hope you have just as much happiness as sadness this holiday season.


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