This afternoon Hugh, Calder and I headed into the Lawson Heights Mall to visit Santa. I clearly don't take  Calder out enough, because he was running wild pointing at bright signs, elderly men in scooters, mannequins wearing lingerie and a girl with a mohawk (a very cute one I might add). It was fun to see the mall through his eyes today!

Calder was a bit shy to hop right up on Santa's lap, so Hugh encouraged him to start by letting Santa know what he wanted for Christmas. "I want Chick, Mater, Lighting, Doc and all da guys. And a new hockey net. You can take my old one." Santa laughed and thought a trade sounded like a good idea!

After the list was finished, I asked Calder if he would sit on Santa's lap so I could take a picture. I thought he would still be reluctant, but he nodded and Hugh lifted him up.

 I am sure glad Santa's elves make Disney's Cars merchandise. It is hard to find!


  1. Calder will be sure to get all the Disney Cars merchandise he asked for because clearly this is the real Santa. His beard is real and those glasses have definitely check a few lists twice. This guy is definitely the real deal - Calder has nothing to worry about!

  2. LOVE that first Santa's lap picture... so cautious and so much awe!! :)

  3. I agree with Kim...though Santa looks a little
    Super cute pics. Jax won't be seeing Santa until xmas eve at the Family sleigh-ride. I really hope he doesn't make strange and cause a big scene!LOL

  4. I totally thought that was a legit Santa too!

    Kelly, I kind of hope Jax does cause a big scene. . . somehow those are the best pictures! How cool he gets to see him on a sleigh ride!


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