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The last few days I can't get enough reading. Right now I reading what I thought was the last installment of Diane Gabaldon's Outlander series. Upon looking for a link to show any of you who were interested, I found that Gabaldon is currently writing an 8th novel in the series. My friend, Deena, recommended the books right after we lost Tripp. She gave me all 7 published books and I began reading. I have read nothing but these books for the last 10 months, not wanting to start anything else until these are finished. There have been times I can't put the books down and others where I will leave them for weeks without picking them up. That being said, I totally recommend reading them. (As do the 642 ratings on If I did it again, I would just take some reading breaks from the series! Oh and a side note if you do pick up this series. Although it is not a romance novel in the typical sense, there are some "smutty" parts. I am usually not a fan of this type of writing, but in this case the story was so intriguing I let it slide! You have been warned!

Next in line for me is The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. This was a book recommended to me by our counsellor. It is a spiritual read and I know I will write more about it once I get into it. After that - or maybe even during (depending how "deep" The Shack is) - I am going to read, I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life Of Kate Reddy, Working Mother by Allison Pearson which my friend, Delayne, gave to me for my birthday. The Sarah Jessica Parker movie didn't get rave reviews, but I do enjoy "chick lit", so I am looking forward to it.

Hugh doesn't have anything on his reading list right now. He usually is busy reading education "stuff" for the classes he takes (he is working on his Special Education Certificate) or just other education "stuff" for interest's sake. BORING (for you - not for Hugh of course, he loves it. In fact I even like it, because I get the Cole's Notes version in the form of a conversation after! Yes, we are geeky teachers.). At the start of our Christmas Break, Hugh picked up R.A. Salvatore's latest, Neverwinter II. If you are The Lord of The Rings type person, you will love this series. And according to Hugh, the series is never ending because it is about an elf? who lives hundreds of years. Not my type of stuff, but Hugh will read one of Savatore's books in a day!

As for Calder, he is really into anything from the Disney Movie, Cars - including books! He also a pile of "big boy" Thomas the Train books that he got from my Auntie Pat in the fall (a.k.a not board books - these have paper pages and a TON of words!). We read with Calder everyday and are happy to report that he currently has only has a handful of letters of the alphabet left to learn. I would love to say we taught him these, but it is mostly due to my iPad.

I have downloaded a couple of interactive alphabet books that he likes. You turn the page to "D" for example and the books states, "D. Dinosaur". Kids can then press the dinosaur's mouth to hear it roar. Q has a quill that you can write with (I heart Harry Potter), Z has a zipper you can move up and down, etc. He loves these books, but not as much as he loves the app iWriteWords (thanks Erin for showing me this!). This app will show a letter and you have to trace it with your finger. It leads kids through the right way to write and then verbally repeats the letters after they have completed writing it. Yesterday, Calder and I were playing on the floor with some foam letters and on his own he grabbed the K and the Y and traced them perfectly. I was completely impressed. That app will hold his attention way longer that we could doing the same task for a mere $2.99!

Anything good on your reading list?


  1. I'm on the fourth of five books in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. The first book was the first season of Game of Thrones on HBO. Great reads - violent, but not gratuitously.

  2. You are welcome!! Reid loves it too... Just not as much as Mario Kart - ugh! Lol

    I have read many of books the two of you have recommended in the past! Always great reads! I just finished House Rules and now onto some "geeky" professional reading....

  3. I started The Shack when I got it for Christmas (last year? The year before?), and then put it down and life got crazy. Must go back. SO intriguing.

    Next up... I'm not sure? I have a bunch of books lent to me, but nothing has grabbed my attention...? :s The Boy gave me The Grief Club for Christmas... and that might be what I start next! :)

  4. 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult. I won't say it is a good read, but a must read. It tackles the issues of bullying which make it difficult. I couldn't put it down. From a parent and a teacher's perspective it has definitely given me a new perspective on conversations that I may walk into as a teacher and parent. I would recommend it.

    If Calder has a Leapster explorer there is a great game - Mr. Pencil Save Doodlebourg. It teaches them how to draw letters and shapes. Chase loves it!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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  6. I am reading 'Brave New World'. Never read it before and people have always recommended it to me. It is really good...disturbing...but good.

    After that, I am planning on taking on the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen 'classics'. I started Mansfield Park before...but found it quite dry...still, I feel like I should read them!

    I am also busy reading my course manuals for my Montessori teacher course. Lots of reading but it is super interesting. Yesterday I went over all the stages of development for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Today, going over the Montessori classroom and materials. It is nice to be formally 'learning' again.

  7. Diane - Thanks. I will come back to this post when I need some new material!
    Erin - We are just lucky Calder doesn't know about Mario Kart yet! LOL
    Dani - You will have to let me know what The Grief Club is like. I am intrigued.
    Carey - I agree. 19 Minutes is definitely a book to read. It so disturbing it only needs to be read once.
    Kelly - Brave New World was my favourite book in High school. I have also read a couple Jane Austen. It takes me a while to get past the writing style and language, but once I do I always enjoy.

    Another good series that I read this summer is The Hunger Games. I highly recommend it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cyrille and I were just discussing new books to read. I am definitely going to try the Outlander Series, I love series and I am going to suggest Neverwinter II to Cyrille as he is a "Lord of the Rings" kind of guy. Thanks so much for the suggestions!! I read The Shack and it was a book that really helped me to think differently about things. My Mom has a copy if you want to borrow it!


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