My first Christmas craft since graduating from TPS*

Here it is. The frame cost $20, foam backing, $4, and cork, $20 (and I have quite a bit of it left). I used a hot glue gun to stick everything down. And impressively, I only burned myself once.
I added foam behind the cork because the cork was so thin I was afraid the tacks wouldn't stay put.
This is the wall behind our dining room table.

I feel like it needs a bit more to spruce it up for Christmas. It almost needs to be a bit more gaudy to be a Christmas decoration. I have an idea for some cute thumb tacks. I was also thinking I could get some sort of bow to put across the top.

Considering that was my first Christmas Craft in 20 years, I may just leave the upgrades to do next December!

*TPS - Tisdale Public School (Grad 1991) And before you go thinking I am older than I am, TPS was a grade 2 - 6 school! I think I may have dated myself. Don't even try to do the math. I will just say it. 29 years old.


  1. ya... 29 and holding!!! just like me!

  2. Is there any other kind of 29? Lol


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