A Thought's Influence

The condo that we stayed at on our trip had a hot tub. The last day we were there, Calder went "swimming" 3 times. {INSERT picture of Calder in hot tub on our trip HERE} He had such a fun time in the hot tub that we thought that we would take him into the city to go swimming at a city pool. We had a bit of running around to do before that, so just after lunch I hopped into the shower. 

As I stood in the shower I began to go over what our afternoon would look like in my head. A picture formed of us skating, then a picture of me at Lululemon and on to a picture of us at the mall. Lastly I got a split second glance of us at the pool. Hugh and Calder were in the shallow end of the pool and I was standing at the edge holding a baby. 

I can honestly say I don't remember that happening before - involuntarily thinking of a moment that was going to happen and having Tripp in it. I think lots about what things would look like if he were here, but I do that consciously. I suppose this may have happened involuntarily at the beginning, but I just don't remember. 

The picture only lasted a moment, but it changed the tone of my afternoon. 

I was lonely for Tripp yesterday. Especially at the pool. 


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