Christmas Kindness #2

A woman who lives on my crescent called me last week. I had never met her, but have seen her outside her house with her kids. We have waved, even said hi, but I didn't know her name until she called.

She reads my blog.

She has been so moved by our story, by my story, by Tripp's story, that she wanted to do something. She made it her goal to make everyone on our crescent a ice candle holder like the one I made for Tripp. She had some help and some very warm, uncooperative weather, but our crescent has been transformed for me.

I have always loved our crescent. It is filled with young families, dogs, and kids who play street hockey. It is truly the best place to live in our entire town (and yes I am biased). Last week the gesture from a neighbour made me feel a little more loved right where I live.

She promised me a hug the next time our paths cross. Until then, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.


  1. What a beautiful way of not only spreading love to you, but also spreading Tripp's light to the world, especially the one surrounding your home!


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