Roomie Down

My brother, Luke, moved out today. In case you have forgotten, or didn't know, he has lived with us for the past year and a half. He got a promotion and is moving to Weyburn. Luke got the news about a month ago. I did pretty good when he told us. I didn't do a congratulations happy dance, but I also didn't burst into tears. I know Luke wasn't expecting a fist pumping, screamfest from me, because the second before he told us the news, he put his arm around my shoulders and gave them a squeeze.

It was a pretty sad day for me and by the time I got home from work I was ready to phone his boss and tell him that Weyburn just wasn't going to work for us. Then I realized that wouldn't get me anywhere. I needed to phone Luke's boss's wife. If anyone could make something happen for me, it would be her!*

Luke works on the road a lot, so we won't miss him right away. Give us a week or so and I think Calder, Hugh, and I will be having some serious Uncle Luke withdraw. We won't be missing his girlfriend, Brittany. She goes to University in the city and will still be popping out to see us :-)

Lucky for us we won't be alone in our house. My sister, Jes, will be upgrading from Calder's big boy room (as he still sleeps in the nursery) to the spare room in the basement. Although Jes likes it upstairs, she ends work at midnight and Calder is NOT quiet in the morning. She has been affectionately calling him her "little rooster" for the past month.
• • •
*Luke's boss and his wife are our good friends, Danielle and Jordan! 
 See HERE and HERE.


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