My Happiness Project

On Sunday, Hugh gave me a fantastic suggestion to make cupcakes for my neice Maddy's class and drop them off at her school for her birthday on Monday.

At random times during the day on Monday I would get this surge of happiness. As soon as I tried to define it I would realize it was the cupcakes. I was so happy about how happy how they must have made Maddy. My good deed made me feel good. Shocking, I know!

It dawned on me that the job to get me back on My Happiness Project wagon should be to collect all the important dates (birthdays and anniversaries) of all of the important people in my life. My Grandma Fritshaw has this book and every page has its own month. On each page she writes the person's name and the day and year of the birthday or anniversary. It is genius. On numerous occasions we have flipped open this book to reference something. And not only that, when Grandma puts her calender up for a new year she has a quick reference to write down all the important dates!

I don't know that I will be dropping off cupcakes everyone's work, but at least if I have the info I can do better at remembering to call, send a card, or who knows - drop off cupcakes.

Here is the birthday girl with the cake she decorated and cut all by her 8 year-old self!


  1. Yumm! Anytime you need help with your happiness project, I like white with chocolate icing... :)

  2. Another Cutie!
    A great way to spread happiness :)

  3. Nice work Auntie!


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