Parent Teacher Interviews

The last time I was in to speak with our counsellor he told me I should try telling people about Tripp when they ask about kids or family. I have posted a number of times about my struggles about what to say in these situations.

At parent teacher interviews on Thursday night I had 5 parents ask me specifically about Tripp. This time a year ago I was pregnant. It was only logical for them to ask about my baby. I usually prepare myself for these types of questions, but I hadn't considered that parents might ask me until the first one did.

I told them the truth. We had a son. He died.

All of the parents said how sorry they were to hear that. Every time an awkward moment emerged.

I honestly thought everyone knew. I certainly thought all my students from last year knew. I assumed they shared the news with their parents.

It made me wish they would have put it on the announcements in February. Mrs. Hamilton had a son and tragically he passed away. Please pass this on to everyone you know - including your parents. It will help to eliminate awkward moments in the future. Thank-you for your cooperation in this matter.

Telling Tripp's story 5 times was sad and exhausting, but thankfully I am 7.5 months into my grief. I didn't cry. I didn't crawl into a hole for the next 3 days. I woke up on Friday a bit weary, but ready to face another round of parents.

Regardless, I am glad parent teacher interviews are over for this semester.


  1. Good for you, Jordan. You faced the situation, dealt with it, and came out on top, feeling stronger than in past situations. Keep on going, one day at a time. -Des

  2. So proud of you right now....

    love ader


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