Happy Halloween

A few years ago, Hugh, my sister Jessica, and I carved pumpkins. I hate doing things like this, but decided I was going to put forth a good effort, because Jes and Hugh were pretty keen on the project. I picked a stencil that had a bat in front of a full moon. I carefully carved. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden the bat fell out of the moon. I must have some how, inadvertently cut it's wing tips off the side. I ended up with a huge circle cut out of my pumpkin. Jes and Hugh just about died laughing. I was so embarrassed. I had actually been trying! I then tried to salvage it by carving some eyes on the top. The circle cut out was so big that they eyes were only inches away from the stem. In a last ditch attempt to save my pumpkin, I told them mine was extra scary because it was screaming. They thought that was stupid and then took all the pumpkin guts and draped them out of my pumpkin's mouth. They thought it was funnier if mine was puking. Sigh.

Until yesterday, I had not carved a pumpkin since that day. Hugh was at hockey. The pumpkins needed carving. I had no other choice. They were quick carves, but I didn't end up with a huge circle cut out, so I am pleased!


  1. Skeleton looks awesome!

  2. good job! Kevin and I are pumpkin carving fanatics:) Kevin is super good at it...me not so much. I can relate to the big hole story. Those stencils can be tricky sometimes if you don't really study them first to know what is cut and what stays!


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