The Library, Cookies, and Puppy-Dog Kisses

After school I hurried home to spend some mommy-son time with Calder. I decided it was time for Calder to make his first trip to the library to sign out books.

At first he was just interested in running around and playing.

Eventually we got around to doing some reading. Calder and I sat in the rocking chair in the corner and read 4 or 5 books. And not the 10 word board books like the one in this picture. Real books with actual stories. And he didn't try to whip through the pages. He sat there and soaked up every word. Even nodding his head and agreeing with the narrative. It was AWESOME.

Then, he had had enough. He told me he was getting another book and very stealth-like hopped in the book bin. Oy.

After supper last night I suggested to Calder that we make banana muffins. He thought it was a great idea, pulled up a chair, smashed an egg and was promptly distracted by Hugh "playing" downstairs. I was left to make muffins by myself.

Tonight, it was a different story. Cookies were on the menu. My little helper was there from the margarine all the way to the chocolate chip finish.

Anyone in my family remember Dad and Luke making chocolate chip cookies? Mom took the greatest photo of Luke with the bag of chocolate chips between his gritted teeth. Dad is the background stirring the triple batch of cookies (Dad can't do anything small).  The next shot is of Luke and Dad picking the chocolate chips off the floor. Ha ha! 

Tonight during our before bed hugs, Calder tried to kiss me with his tongue. I promptly told him that I didn't like tongue kisses, so he turned to Hugh and asked him if "Daddy like tongue kisses?" Hugh brilliantly told Calder, "only from mommy." Calder took that as an invitation. I got soaked. It was kind of like being smoothered by a dog's kisses, except for this puppy had my face in a death grip between his hands so I couldn't get away!


  1. Awesome. I thought about Mom's picture as soon as I saw Calder with the chocolate chips. It was a 3 photo sequence and hilarious!


  2. I was about calders age too I guess hey!


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