Good-Bye Nap

Calder is a great sleeper and has been since we taught him how when he was 4 months old. Yes, we taught him how. At the time, Calder was tired and so were we. Hugh and I read a couple of books and came up with a plan that worked for all of us. We had some really rough days and nights, but after a month of tireless effort, Calder was sleeping through the night and on a nap schedule. It wasn't perfect. We still had the occasional rough patch, but Calder was much better rested and as a result a much happier baby. As a bonus, I was also much better rested and also much happier!

Just before he was 1.5 years old Calder decreased his naps from 2 to 1 and now at 2.5 years he has transitioned to no nap.

I am sad. I wanted to hang on to that nap forever, but Calder wasn't going to bed at night and we were finding it harder and harder to lay him down for a nap.

It hasn't been perfect. This is our first week without naps and there have been some meltdowns. I am not sure if they are a result of not having a nap, because we frequently have meltdowns! But honestly, it has been really good for all of us. On the weekend we were able to do some things and go to a few places that we wouldn't have been able to before because of his nap.

We probably should have cut his naps out a month ago, but I was hanging on and when I sat down to think about why I came up with this:

1. I like being able to have a nap on a Saturday afternoon with him (and by with him, I mean at the same time as him - our boy would never fall asleep if he was laying with us!).

2. In planning how to function with 2 kids, I had reasoned that with Calder still having naps I would get an opportunity to sleep during the day. This would be especially important if I had a rough night with the baby.

I know why I was hanging on to number two, but it was time to let go. Tripp is not here. If and when there is another baby, Calder will be at least 4 years old and there is no way we would be able to hang on to a regular nap for that long. There is no need to hang onto it now.

As for reason number 1, I can still nap on Saturdays. I will just leave Hugh in charge!


  1. I am trying to transition my 3 year old to no naps. She can be pretty cranky some afternoons without the nap - but if she has a nap she won't go to bed until 11pm. SO, no naps it is. It has been hard for me to be without my afternoon quiet time in the house, but life is about change.


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