Cars 2 Review

Yesterday we took Calder to his first movie in a theatre, Cars 2. He sat great for the entire movie. He laughed a bit, but mostly just soaked it all in.  Pictures are grainy because it was so dark and I didn't use a flash. I wanted to document Calder's first movie, but didn't think the other patrons would appreciate the blinding flash!

This one is a bit clearer, because we are watching the credits. Everyone else has left the theatre. Lights are on. Employees are sweeping popcorn. We are watching names scroll. Calder cried when we made him leave. He wanted to watch more!

As for the movie, it was cute, funny, and entertaining, but I won't be buying it for Calder. It has a James Bond type theme. Two cars get killed (murdered by the "bad" guys) and there is plenty of shooting. I just don't think a 2 year old needs to be exposed over and over again to that (and in our house, basically the only TV Calder watches these days is Cars or Mater Tales, so he would be bound to want to watch it over and over ).

Overall a great first movie! We all had plenty of fun!

I hope you are able to enjoy some time with your family this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


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