Deep Thoughts: Thinking about Thinking

I have been thinking about thinking. And no, I'm not high.*

I think a lot about Tripp. If I am having a moment where I am not occupied, my thoughts easily move to him. If I had to put a number on the amount of time I spend in a day thinking of him it would be hours. I spent almost all of my drive in and out of the city thinking about him and that alone is about an hour. Not to mention the time I spend getting ready in the morning or the time I spend writing.

I have been wondering what I used to think about. Was I focused on one particular topic (teaching, parenting, coaching) or did I jut in and out of all of them? I can't remember. It wasn't that long ago, but I don't know what I spent my time thinking about.

I used to worry about Calder. I still do. I used to obsess about eating and exercise. I still do. I used to plan math lessons. I still do. I used to make to-do lists. I still do.

So did I just think about those things more? If I did, what a waste of time. I spend plenty of time thinking about them now. I don't need to stress about what dress to wear to our next wedding any more than I already am. Don't get me wrong, stressing about the right dress is time well spent. I just don't want to stress more than necessary.

I think I need to get back on my Happiness Project. I told myself I was too busy during the summer and then when back to school came around, I told myself was still too busy. Now, I have avoided so long that I am having guilt, so I am avoiding even more.

My Happiness Project gave me something constructive to think about during my drive and those down moments during my day. I will never solve all the world's problems, but I think I can make just a little more happiness.

*My PE 9's had a guest speaker come in on Wednesday and speak to them about drugs. We learned about all sorts of addictions, including marijuana. The speaker told us that many people who smoke up think they have very enlightening, deep thoughts while high, but mostly, they just sound dumb (these were her words)! I have been spinning this post in my mind for a couple of days and after what I heard Wednesday, I began to wonder if some of you might think I am high while writing this! I'm not. Hopefully this means that my "deep thoughts" won't sound dumb! LOL


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