Zoo (minus the lions)

This morning, Hugh, Calder, and I headed to the zoo.  It was a bit cool (we even saw a few flakes of snow), so we bundled up.

We were barely through the gate and Calder picked up some wet snow, threw it as hard as he could, and started chanting, "mitts off."  His mini-glove mitts were soaked.  Luckily, we had a dry pair of mitts with us, so we were able to take off the wet ones and put on some dry ones.

No word of a lie -- As soon as he had his dry mitts on, Calder took 3 giant steps, toe-picked and ended up on all fours in a puddle that was about 3 inches deep.  He stood up, shook his hands (water went flying) and headed toward the fox enclosure without saying a word.  Hugh and I almost died laughing.  Luckily, we had put on some thicker mitts and although they were soaked on the outside, the water didn't penetrate the inside.

We walked by the foxes, wolves, and some roosters.  Calder then took a turn toward a gigantic puddle and started splashing around.  We knew that our zoo adventure was quickly coming to an end.  Calder played in the puddle for about one minute before he slipped on some ice and was again on all fours.  This time, his mitts were soaked all the way through, so we took them off and headed for the van.

We were at the zoo for about 15 minutes.  If you count the 5 minutes it takes to get out of the van and the 5 minutes it takes to get back in, our adventure lasted all of 25 minutes.  We didn't even see the lions!


  1. Love the "mitts off"....glad there will still be puddles when we come...watching him enjoy the splash makes me laugh...I will bring my rubber boots this time.


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