Good Friday

I forgot it was Good Friday.  I'm not working and so all the days seem to run together.  My mom and dad are here, so this morning I actually thought it was Saturday.  I even cursed the paperboy for not delivering the Star Phoenix when I got up shortly after 7 am.

Today is the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.  I am finding that I am asking myself, "why did Jesus have to die for MY sins to be forgiven?"  Why couldn't God just forgive me?

* * *

I still feel that it wasn't fair that Tripp died.

Jesus had parents who loved Him.  Did they feel that it wasn't fair for Him to die?  Or did they understand the bigger picture. . . that Jesus had to die for us to be saved?

I still don't understand why Jesus had to die, though. . . because God said so?

* * *

I have googled a number of things.  Good Friday, Jesus death, even, why did Jesus have to die.  The best website I found to answer my question is here.  And, although, it says it answers the question, "why did Jesus have to die?",  it doesn't really answer it for me.

This makes me question the validity of the Bible.   We are taught in school to question the accuracy and intentions of anything written, so I guess it makes sense that I am questioning what is written in the Bible.  I just don't get how God needed Jesus to die in order to save us.  Why couldn't God just save us?

* * *

Did Mary ask, "why did Jesus have to die?", the way I ask, "why did Tripp have to die?"

* * *


  1. very good questions, and defintely questions I have asked myself many times being raised a Catholic. This week Emme and Jaiden were asking about Good Friday, so I explained it. Their question was "why is it 'good' friday if Jesus died?" I guess it is good because by dying, he was granted eternal life...I don't really know and I defintely do not have the answers to these questions and I am not sure anyone really does. Perhaps though, we are not suppossed to understand this...perhaps Jordan we will never know the answers because they do not exist in our reality.
    Faith is just It is blind because it is not rational, it just is. It is making a choice to leap off the edge without being able to see clearly what lies on the other side.

  2. i would love to have a discussion with you about this!

  3. After I read your post I had to think about it. I wasn't sure how to put it into words in a concise way, so I will post this link which is what I believe about why Jesus had to die.

    I am sure that Jesus' death was very painful for Mary, and all of his followers who had devoted their lives to him. But thankfully that isn't where the story ends, and Easter Sunday is coming.


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