Me and Maddy

Today, we hopped in the van with Billy, Abbey, Maddy and Pace and headed to Hugh and Billy’s parents.  There were 7 of us.  It was nice to be able to car pool with them, but it was another reminder that Tripp isn’t with us.  If we had him, we wouldn’t have been able to take one vehicle.

I miss my baby today.  I always miss him—but today I feel a little lonelier for him than usual.  Family functions are hard.  When our whole family is together it feels more apparent to me that Tripp is missing. 

I admire how wonderful Billy is with Pace and when I see how wonderful he is it makes me sad for Hugh.  Hugh is wonderful with babies, too.

I think one of my favorite moments today was spending a few moments of one-on-one time chatting with Maddy.  We have been so fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with her over the past 2 months, but I think today was the first time I just got to talk to her alone.  I loved it.


  1. I love how children will use there hands to make a funny face and adults tend to just stick out their tongue and widen their eyes...I have noticed this with my kids too...Ha Ha Ha


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