Yesterday was a good day.  In fact, Hugh thought it was so good that I think he said, "today is a great day!" about 7 or 8 times.  We spend the day at home with lots of time outdoors.  Calder loves it and although you can't tell from the pictures it was really nice out.  

 In these shots, I was playing around without using a flash.  I am not sure if I like them.  The sun looks cool, but Hugh and Calder are so dark.  At least you can't see that Hugh is wearing the bright green pants I hate.

This is the park at the end of our crescent.  We are so lucky to have it so close.

Below is probably one of the deepest puddles we have seen all year.  I am racing after Calder to get him to slow down.  If he trips, he would be totally submerged!

Calder and I watching some dummy in a jeep sloshing through the mud in the back alley.  

My butt looks a little closer to the water in this shot than I thought it was at the time!

 I played around a bit with the contrast in this photo.  I think these pictures would be nicer if there were bright green leaves on the trees and lush grass.  Yes.  That's it.  It isn't my photography, it is the scenery!

* * *

Today, I am feeling quite "blah".  First thing this morning, I downloaded some pictures of Tripp to Costco's website to get them printed.  Hugh and I are ready to look at a few for ourselves.  I wanted to do this first thing in the morning, because I was feeling good, but it made me a bit sad, so that might not have been the greatest idea.  

Also, my upper back has been bothering me the last week.  I feel old.  Last Wednesday night, I rolled over in bed and tweeked it.  It was just starting to feel better yesterday and I bent over to put a sock on and tweeked it again.  I will now have to add "back" to the pile of reasons my body is ticking me off right now.

With this being said, I might just take some drugs (the over the counter kind) and lay on the couch until my little man gets up from his nap.


  1. Hot boots...glad you had a great day.

  2. Try using a tennis ball to release the tension in your back. Lay on the floor, or lean up against a wall, and use the tennis ball to target your really sore areas. It works amazingly well!

    Glad that you had a decent day; Will absolutely loves spending time outside and throws a fit when we don't let him play out there all the time!

  3. Personally, I love Hugh's pants. Do you know where he got them?


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