Yesterday, we had a full house.  It reminded me of when Tripp died.  Wait. . . Yesterday, everything reminded me of Tripp, but our house was still fairly full.

My whole family was present (minus Luke's girlfriend) and we also had Abbey (Hugh's brother's wife) and their two kids out (Billy is away working).  It was really nice.  We had chicken and steak and although that would not be considered a typical Easter dinner, it was divine!

My mom had bought some stuff for the kids to color eggs, so before we headed to the park, Mom and Jes gave Calder and Maddy a hand with the decorating (FYI--do not use the plastic glasses used for coloring eggs to store your contact lenses.  Your lenses may change colors--ask Jes). 

This morning we headed to the zoo.  Notice the cat in the bottom two pictures.  My friends, Kerri, Twyla, and I went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and the zoo cat hopped in Kerri's stroller and let her push it around for about 10 minutes.  Today, it jumped in our stroller, but Luke quickly swatted it out. The cat didn't seem too offended, because it continued to follow us around the zoo.  I think Calder was more excited to pet that cat than to see any of the animals (and petting cats isn't even a novelty for Calder--we have 2).

Now, take a look at the bush on the left.  Calder was standing with me when I took the picture and as we got close to the bush, the cat came out with a mouse in it's mouth.  The cat proceeded to do what all cats do . . . play with it's food.  The cat let the mouse go.  Then, the mouse would take a few steps and the cat would pounce again.  I was completely freaked out and stormed by.  Calder walked by completely oblivious.  A few of my family members lagged back to watch.  My mom said the mouse got away.  I am not sure if that is true, or if she just said it to make me feel better!  Even though I think mice are disgusting, I don't think they need to be tortured before they are killed!

These are some flowers that Abbey gave me earlier in the week.  They were so pretty I had to take some pictures.  Happy Easter.


  1. Great to see pictures of all of you together!
    Looks like you had some pretty good Spring weather.
    Thinking of you.
    Love Aunty Pat


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