Guest Blog - Abbey

Today, my sister-in-law Abbey is guest blogging.  She married Hugh's brother Billy last summer.  She has a daughter, Maddy (7 years), and a son, Pace (4.5 months).  Abbey and Billy live in Saskatoon. 

There are both no words and not enough words to describe how I feel about my nephew Tripp. I miss him more than I could have ever imagined missing someone. In the 10 minutes I spent with him I fell in love with that little boy.

Promise(s) to my Nephew 

I promise to be there for your mom when she needs me
I promise to be there for your dad when he needs me
I promise to hug your big brother everytime I see him
I promise to take care of Pace and Madison no matter how sad I feel
I promise to love your Uncle Billy until the day I am no longer here
I promise to try to stop feeling guilty
I promise to try not to be sad everyday
I promise to laugh every chance I get
I promise to honor you any way I can
I promise to talk about you
I promise to think about you everyday and never forget how special you were and still are
And most of all, 
I promise to love you for eternity
Until we meet again my dear sweet Nephew

Always and forever,
Aunty Abbey


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