Do a Breast Self Exam

Lisa Rendall passed away yesterday.  She was part of the morning radio show on C95 when I moved to Saskatoon and more recently has devoted much of her time to raising funds for Breast Cancer research.  This morning, I spent some time reading her blog.  She is a really good writer and talks very candidly about her battle with Breast Cancer.

I remember listening to her on the radio this year during the Breast Cancer Marathon on C95.  She said she was sick again.  She even sounded sick.  I was very sad when I heard the news of her death this morning.  I felt disconcerted that someone who was doing so much for the community I live in had to die.  I also wondered what her last moments were like and I thought about our last moments with Tripp.

Lisa Rendall often talked about the importance of early detection, so after I laid Calder down for his nap, I did a self breast exam.  I have a doctors appointment in a couple weeks so, I will get my doctor to do one as well.

* * *

Today, Calder and I went to drop-in gymnastics.  My sister, Jes, will be happy to know that Calder is starting to do forward rolls down a wedge mat on his own!  (Jes is a level 3 or 4 (I can't remember) Gymnastics coach and recently coached Team Sask at the Canada Winter Games)

I am going to spend this afternoon putting together our family video from Christmas.  I am also going to try and do January's video as well.   It feels good to scratch some of these things off my list.


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