Mommy Diaries - Jordan

Today, I am honored to be the mom portrayed in Deena's Mommy Diaries.  This morning when I read it, I started crying.  The words Deena used to describe me and our friendship were truly touching.  Interestingly, I got one of my favorite moments with Calder as I was reading it.  He came over, sat on my lap, and gave me a hug as I cried.

I think the best part was how she included Tripp.  I like that she chose footprints to portray both Tripp and Calder.  It's not a picture of them together, because we don't have one of those, but it is a representation of both my sons.  I like how, clearly and simply, it shows their similarity.  They have both left marks on our hearts.

Check out Deena's post here.  I also encourage you to read about some of the other amazing moms that Deena has showcased.


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