Last year, at about this time, I started the Bridge City Boogie training program that was in the Star Phoenix.  I did the beginner run 5 km training and absolutely loved it.  It is a walk to run interval program and by the end of the 9 weeks I was up to running for 5 minutes, walking for 2 minutes (and I repeat this 5 - 7 times).  At that time, I had thoughts of continuing to increase my running time, but I chose not to.  I really liked doing the run for 5 walk for 2, so I just kept doing it.

I was so proud of my accomplishment.  I have never been able to run for any sort of extended periods of time and so doing this program for the 9 weeks was a significant accomplishment for me.   It felt so good to be active and in great shape that I continued to run all through the summer. I stopped in the fall, only because I was feeling so tired being back at work pregnant.   Then I started getting braxton hicks contractions (the less activity I do, the less braxton hicks I have), so running was out.

I spent my entire pregnancy excited to get back running.  My plan was to do the Bridge City Boogie program again and so I started this week when I saw week 1 in the paper on Monday.  I am happy to report that I feel great.  My incision isn't bothering me at all!

Running and just being active are so good for my mental health.  This morning I was feeling down, so I hopped on the tread mill.  I don't remember a ton from my Kinesiology degree, but I do know that the body produces endorphins when you  participate in physical activity.  Endorphins make you feel good.  I am happy to report that today the endorphins my body produced helped my mood.  I feel much, much better since hopping off the treadmill.

I am excited to continue getting into better shape!  Let me know if you want to join the program.  Maybe we can go for a run together :-)


  1. Way to go Jordan!
    :) Aunty Pat

  2. Love it. Now I'm feeling motivated. Can I join you running in the Boogie? Maybe we could push our boys (Calder and Willis, not Hugh and Dan) in their strollers, which now that I think of it would likely make something hard (running long distance) harder. Hmmm...I'll have to rethink this.
    They should have a Bridge City Base Running-athon. That's more up our alley.

  3. Hi Jordan,

    I have been reading your blog for a while, and this is my first time commenting.

    I really appreciate your candidness with sharing your grief over losing your son. I have learned a lot about grief from reading your posts. Thank you for sharing!

    I also started running last year after being asked to run part of a 30K relay. If you want to keep running after the Bridge City Boogie, I would highly recommend the Mogathon on June 25 ( It is a really fun event, with a family 2k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and 30k distance. My sister talked me into trying the half marathon so I have been training for the last couple of months.

    Take care and good luck with all your running!

  4. Running is addicting! Good for you!! You gals should think about doing the "Warman Run, Walk & Wiggle" in Warman on Sept. 25th, a very fun and casual event!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, Deena! Of course you can join me!

    And yes. . .running bases is more our thing!

  6. Jordan - my most proud moment was crossing the finish line after running 10 km at the SK Marathon before having Reid. I started out with a learn to run program at brainsport and became addicted! After Reid was born, I returned to running but found it more challenging to find time, to move a heavier body.... Etc. I have been trying to find the motivation to get at it again and would LOVE to do the boogie! Let me know if you'd like a cyber training partner or team member. There is no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you' ve worked so hard at!


  7. Thanks, Erin! I would love a cyber training partner.


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