I have made it to Thursday.  I am over half way through my first week without Hugh and it is going much better than I ever thought it would.  I haven't done it alone.  Calder and I have had friends and family keeping us busy all week.

I am finally enjoying being outside.  Our counselor told me that I HAD to get outside everyday the first time we met with him.  I didn't listen.  I didn't care how good it would make me feel.  It was cold and I just didn't want to.  We saw him again last Wednesday and once again he said I HAD to get outside and I actually think I have been out everyday since then.  It seems like I am more motived to comply, now.  The warm weather makes such a difference.  (I pulled Calder's rubber boot off yesterday and mud sprayed all over my floor and all over my wall in the entrance way!  Apparently, it isn't enough to have a boot full of water, there needs to be mud in there as well!)

My sleeping isn't getting any better.  I am sleeping well once I get to sleep.  It is just getting there that is the hard part.  Coffee is my dear, dear friend these days.  I meant to take some melatonin before bed last night and forgot.  It is a natural sleep aid.  I used it for a couple nights a few weeks ago and it seemed helpful, so I will give it another go tonight (provided I remember to take it!).

I love cooking, but I also love not cooking!  Our freezers can now fit approximately 2 loaves of bread in them.  A week ago, they could fit zero!  We have been enjoying the pre-made meals that have been dropped off all week.  I think tonight we might have some sort of casserole. . . or maybe cabbage rolls. . . hmmm, chilli, maybe?  Ah!  There are just too many options!  Yum Yum Yum!

I see some bananas looking quite a ripe on my counter.  Now that I have some freezer space, I think I am going to make some muffins!


  1. Better mud in the boots rather than rocks!

    Although, rocks wouldn't make the same mess :)



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