On Saturday, I blogged about having a hard time on the monthly anniversaries of Tripp's death.  I had done a bit of reading in one of my bereaved parent books and didn't see anything about it.  Since that post, I have spoken to a number of people who have lost a love one and ALL say that for the first year they recognized their love one's death on a monthly basis.  I feel incredibly comforted knowing that others have felt the same way I do.
* * *
I got a huge response from my post Taking Action.  It was so cool to see how important taking action is to so many other people.  My Auntie Pat let me know that next week is Canadian Children's Book Week.  This year's theme is changing the world one child at a time.  She sent me one of her favorite quotes that they are using in in their promotional material; "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." --Mahatma Gandhi.
* * *
Yesterday, near the end of our session with our counselor, Brad, we started to talk about God and beliefs.  I briefly explained to him how disoriented I feel not knowing what I believe.  Some of the things I feel fit in with Catholicism, but many of them don't.  I don't know what that means.  I feel like Brad is the perfect person to talk to about this as he is a former priest.  He gave us a sneak peek at some of his thoughts and they weren't what we expected.  It was quite interesting.  Brad suggested I make a list over the next 2 months of things I believe in.  Hugh is going to do it, too (mostly because I want him to!).
* * *
A week ago, Hugh and my dad started building a wall in our basement to create an office.  Hugh has been working incredibly hard all week to finish the project.  He is currently in the city picking up the last few things he needs.  It looks like we could be moving in after supper tonight!  I will post pictures later (Hugh took my camera to the city.  He took pictures of the trim around the doors so that he can get matching stuff).
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