Today was our formal good-bye to Tripp.  I had a hard time leaving the house.  Part of me didn't want to begin living through today, because once today is over we have to deal with the rest of our lives.  The last few days have been like a dream.  Life goes on and right now that is the part that is frightening for me.

As I cried in our room before we left for the service, Hugh reminded me that we had already said good-bye to Tripp.  There was a time when we weren't even going to have a formal good-bye for Tripp, because Hugh and I felt we didn't need one.  We said our "I love you's" and had already wished him a safe journey.  Funerals are for the living.

In the end, we wanted to give others an opportunity to say their "I love you's".  We are so happy with the choice we made. The priest said some words we are glad to have heard and it felt wonderful to be around so many people who care.

The few times I have been around death I have not know what to say to those closest or what to do for them.  Now I can tell you that it doesn't matter what you say or what flowers or food you send, what matters is that you say something or do something.  The smallest "I'm sorry" is equally as meaningful as a truck load of food.  In that same breath, we know that the way people feel most comfortable expressing their sorrow will come in a range of ways.

For some of you, you may just read my blog and have Tripp in your thoughts.  That is doing something.  Saying a prayer is saying something.  Giving us a hug when you see us 6 months from now is doing something.  Dropping us an email or posting a comment to us is saying something.

I can't thank-you enough for all the somethings.


  1. I know that this can't be the easiest time in your life, but I am glad that you have each other and your family to lean on. I have been following your blog since I heard Tripp was born and have felt the range of emotions through your words. I know the joy of being a parent, so grieve with you knowing you have lost Tripp. I am sorry that you have to go through this loss, and if there is anything I could ever do for you, please let me know.

  2. Thinking of you Jordan, especially today :)

  3. I was thinking of all of you, especially today. When my mom died in September, the priest said to look at the immediate grieving like Easter. To see the day of death as Good Friday and the day of the funeral as Easter Sunday. What he meant was that the funeral is not supposed to be a time of grief, but a celebration of the life had here on Earth, and especially the life everlasting. I hope you find peace knowing that Tripp is with the angels all around you, always and forever.

  4. Jordan,
    I have been praying for you for the last couple of days when I heard about Tripp. I am so sorry. Your strength is up lifting and am so glad that you are being surrounding by family and friends during this time. Be comforted that Tripp is in heaven celebrating a life that is far greater than anything here on earth.

  5. You have been in my thoughts constantly since Tripp's birth and now your final goodbye. Following the death of my husband 25 years ago when I was a young woman, I found an inner strength more surmountable than one thinks they could ever withstand. Grieve is very personal and the weeks/months ahead will present a new journey. A journey in finding a new person within you that you never knew. Tripp will smile down upon you and a part of him will be tucked in your heart from now until eternity. Cherish the moments that Tripp was a part of your life. Love and hugs, Bonnie S.

  6. Jordan,
    I don't know you personally but my husband knows Hugh. We have been praying for your family ever since I heard the news.
    Know that Tripp is now in heaven and you and your family will have a very special angel watching over you all the time.
    Please know that you all are in so many people's thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
    Garrett and Lindsey Prosofsky

  7. Hugh and Jordan,
    I have been following your blog since Hugh sent out your family Christmas letter in December. I am one of the ones who never knows what to say in these situations but after reading your entry today, I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you and Hugh. I lost a niece after she was born and lived about a week, so I know how difficult this can be. Hugs to all three of you and may you find strength in each other.

    Susan Cadotte


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