Day 2

This is my 2nd day off.  Two weeks ago, my midwife, husband, and myself, decided it was time to be off work, taking it easy at home.   By the end of the day, my body has been getting really sore from all the Braxton Hicks.  I was able to finish off the semester, which was great.  There is nothing better than finals time!

So here I am on day 2, checking a few things off of my to-do list.  The list is fairly long, but I plan on having this baby go to term (Calder was 4 weeks early).  This means that since I am 33 weeks, I have exactly 7 weeks until March 21 (my due date and the day the baby will be born).  Seven weeks is a long time, but I know it is going to fly by.  I am excited to get some things done around our house and enjoy some serious Jordan time.

Calder is still going to daycare.  It would be more exhausting on my body to look after him all day than it would be to teach 120 high school students.  I am going to try and take him around 9 am and pick him up between 4 and 4:30.  This should give me plenty of time to kick back, but also give me a few added hours of mommy-son time with Calder.

Today's list includes phoning Heidi and Deena.  This was easily accomplished.  I called Heidi's and Deena answered the phone!  One call and two items crossed off my list.

I am having some serious troubles with my computer.  It is running out of space, so before Christmas I had a guy look at it and I think it is more messed up now that it was to begin with.  The U of S has a free computer service for students.  I called and they are going to look at the computer.  Lucky for me, Hugh is STILL a student and they will let me bring the computer in for him!  This means I will be venturing out in the cold tomorrow morning to see what they can do.

Blogging was on today's list as well.  I am going to try and do a better job with this.                              

I enjoy writing.  Wow.  It is a bit on the amazing side that I just typed that.  Until I started this blog, I actually might have said that I disliked writing or even stronger, hated writing.  I have come a long way in a year.  Needless to say, since I have more time, I am going to be doing more things I enjoy.

I think that The View is on.  I better get to the couch.


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