Celebrate Tripp's Life With Us.

We will be celebrating Tripp's life this Saturday at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Martensville (300 8th Ave S) at 10 am.

We would love to have you join us.

Currently on the agenda - sleep.

On the agenda tomorrow - Be at home ALL day!  We will spend our time visiting with family and friends and resting.  We were up all last night with Tripp.  It is hard to believe that it was only this morning that he died.  The day has been so long, it feels like that was yesterday.  So, needless to say, rest, rest, and rest tomorrow.


  1. Dear Jordan and Hugh,
    My heart aches for both of you and words won't come. Wish I was there to give hugs. I'm praying for all of you as you deal with this sorrow. Please find comfort in each other and gain support from those who love you and hold you dear. Tripp came into your life for a reason. Time will tell you what the lesson is.
    I can't be with you on Saturday in person but will be in spirit.
    Much love to you....Lynn Hubbs

  2. Your strength amazes me Jordan. Calder is so lucky to have you as a mom, and Tripp was as well. I wish we could be there on Saturday, but know we will be there in our hearts.


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