One week ago

Last Friday I was still sleeping right now.  Calder was in the habit of sleeping in until 7 am.  This was such a treat for Hugh and I last week, because his usual wake-up time is 6 am and it is no shock to have even the occasional 5 am day.  (Don't worry - we NEVER get up with him at 5 am!  We put ear plugs in while he plays in his crib and sleep until 6 am!  LOL)

When Calder woke up around 7 am, Hugh went and grabbed him and his cup of milk and brought him into our bed for some cuddle time - our normal routine.  Calder chugs his milk and then usually crawls around flipping on bed side lamps repeating "light, light".  When he gets them on, he then covers his eyes and says "bright, bright"!  I don't remember all of the specific details of February 18th, but, it started out as just a usual day.  I do remember that we were having trouble last week getting him to sit down and eat breakfast, but on Friday he ate his whole piece of peanut butter toast!

I was off work, so I had been taking Calder to Kerri's (one of my dearest friends and Calder's 2nd mom) during the day at around 9 am.  At about 8:30 am Calder started chanting her name and her son's name, Dylan, so I knew it was time to get things packed up and ready to go.  I bustled around and at about quarter to nine had an accident.  At the time I thought about blogging what happened in that moment, but in the end, thought it was too embarrassing.  I write embarrassing things on my blog about Hugh, not about myself!

But what the heck - here is what happened.

Calder was standing at the top of the stairs ready to head down into the entrance (we live in a bi-level so there are about 8 steps to the landing).  I rubbed his head as I passed him.  It is easiest to grab his coat and catch him at the bottom step to get him all bundled up.  I hit about the 3rd step from the top and my feet slipped out.  For some reason that morning, I had put slippers on.  I NEVER wear my slippers.  In fact, I don't think I had worn them once since I had gotten pregnant in June.  Needless to say, I started skidding down the last 5 stairs on my butt.  The only thing I really remember about the incident is that my slippers came flying off and hit the wall beside the door about 7 feet up from the floor.

I was in shock.  Tears filled my eyes.  I started assessing myself to stop myself from panicking.  First, Tripp.  After a full ten seconds of thinking about my baby, I realized that not only was nothing in my belling hurting, my butt didn't even hurt.  I assessed all of my limbs and concluded that in my pointer finger on my right hand there was slight stinging, but other than that I was fine.  As I was flipping my hair out of my eyes to peel myself off the stairs, I heard a little voice from the top say, "mommy fall".  Calder had stood there quiet for the entire 20 seconds I was laid out on the bottom step!  I burst out laughing.  Calder then started down the steps, said "owwie" and gave me a hug and a kiss!


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