12:39 pm

Tripp is up 600 grams of fluid from his birth weight.  They are going to start a "baby" dialasis to help his kidneys.

Yesterday, I thought Tripp would die from his kidney's not working.  The specialist tells us this is not the case.

Up until now, they thought every system in Tripp's body was comprimised, except the brain.  There was no indication it had taken a hit with everything else.  In fact, the doctor had told us that in situations slightly similar to this, the brain is usually spared.

Today he had a seizure.  Seizures are the brain.

In order to investigate the brain, they need to put him on a ventilator.  He could not take the stress of the tests right now.  If they take away his breathing, he doesn't have to work at it.  Just one less thing for Tripp to worry about.

Tripp is the sickest baby in NICU.  That thougth probably crosses the minds of a lot of parents here.  We are being told by the doctors that this IS the case with our son.

Right now, we are focusing on loving the moments we have with Tripp.


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