Approximately a year ago, Hugh's watch and wedding band went missing.  Hugh realized on a Monday morning that he didn't have either item.  Even after he took a quick look in the usual places, he wasn't worried.   Hugh figured he left them in his desk at school, having taking them off for phys. ed.

Monday night he came home slightly worried.  He didn't find them at school.  We spent a few moments retracing his steps of the weekend and he became fairly certain he wore them both on Saturday morning.  Hugh and I had laid down that afternoon for a nap with Calder, so the first place to re-look was on his night stand.  They weren't there and after a few exhausting days of looking (including everywhere from under the bed to in the air vents), we figured that Hugh must have left them at school and they were stolen.

Fast forward one month later.  I pick up a pile of clothes that I had been compiling for the Salvation Army in our closet.  Much to my surprise, a hard item comes flying out of the pile and hits the wall.  Low and behold, there is Hugh's watch.

Hugh and I are avid CSI watchers, so it didn't take us long to reformulate what might have happened to the "stolen" ring and watch.  Our theory now suggested that Calder (almost 1 year old) grabbed the watch and ring off the night stand and dropped the watch in the closet.  As I took one thorough look through the closet for the ring, Hugh looked at the path Calder must have taken from the night stand to the closet.  We came up empty handed.  We then assumed that Calder must have dropped the ring down a vent in our bedroom.  We weren't able to fish anything out of the vent, but figured some day we would have the vents cleaned and out the ring would appear.

Fast forward 11 months later to today.  I am sitting on the floor outside our bedroom with Hugh folding laundry.  Hugh goes into our room to grab the next load and I hear him scowl and say,    "Callllll-der".  Apparently, Calder had taken all of Hugh's socks out of the top drawer of his night stand.  I look in and see Hugh picking up dozen's of pairs of socks.  I then hear him gasp, see him throw his hands in the air and exclaim, "DUM-DA-DA-DUM.....MY RING".

My ring?

Yes.  At the very bottom of his sock drawer (which, again, is located in the top drawer of his night stand) was his wedding band.

Wow.  Wow. Wow.  I could barely contain my laughter.  I had left Hugh in charge of searching in and around his night stand.  Apparently it didn't occur to him to open the top drawer and take a thorough look through it.  In fact, he probably had to close the drawer to look on the floor underneath, because the top drawer is open more than it is closed.

About 10 minutes after our laughter had died down, Hugh came trotting down the hall, pumped his left fist in the air (think: He-Man) and said "I can't believe I found my ring".

You found your ring?  No. No. No.  Calder found your ring, Hugh.  Nice try, though.


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