Pictures and Video

Just before supper our computer froze up.  I got scared.  I hadn't downloaded any of the pictures or video footage of Tripp yet, but what if I did and our computer crashed?

Downloading was at the back of my mind all through supper, so this evening I got up the courage and pulled out the two cameras.  I had been avoiding looking at the pictures and footage, because I knew it would bring a world wind of emotions back to the surface.

I downloaded all that we had.  I did my best not to look, but the occasional picture caught my attention and brought tears to my eyes.  I am not ready to sort through all of those memories yet.

I have never saved video and pictures in as many places and with such speed and efficiency as I did this stuff.  I left the original footage on the cameras, saved it to our hard drive and our external hard drive, and will run our back-up drive as soon as I am done this post.  Tomorrow I will burn it on to a DVD and probably save it to a flash drive as well.

I have memories of Tripp engraved into my mind, but I fear they will fade.  The pictures and footage will be crystal clear forever.


  1. Hi Jordan.
    I've read everything on your blog and I can't say how much your raw honesty has affected me. Once again, I want you to know how we are feeling for you guys right now.

    As for the pictures and video, enjoy your little moments as much as you can. Technology sure is wonderful these days! Tripp will never be just a memory in your mind. You'll always be able to see him whenever you want.

    Sending hugs your way,

    Take care



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