Kleenex and Hand Sanitizer

I have been essentially bound to the couch because of my Braxton Hicks and now I am even further bound to it by a massive head cold.

Monday and Tuesday were filled with painful swallows, ear aches, and clogged sinuses.  Today, my nose is a snot faucet.

I am not necessarily a huge fan of hand sanitizer.  For me, the best way to kill germs is with some good, old fashioned soap and water.  The problem with the good old fashioned way is inconvenience.  

In my classroom, there isn't a tap, let alone soap, so the best way to kill those germs after a good blow is hand sanitizer.

At home, I have found myself using the hand sanitizer as well.  I have never done this before today.  It doesn't matter where I am in my house, I am only ever a few steps away from soap and water.  But seriously, who wants to wash their hands upwards of 10 times an HOUR.  My skin is dry enough as it is.

So for today, I have positioned a bottle of hand sanitizer directly beside the garbage can, so that when I throw away my snot rag, it is right there.  

Oh, and I should mention that right beside the hand sanitizer is a Costco sized tub of Vasoline.  My nose may never be the same again.


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