One Week Ago (2)

Later last Friday morning I got a phone call from Calder's Urologist.  Calder has a hydrocele that needs repair and they had a cancelation on Friday Feb. 28th and could fit Calder in for day surgery.  According to the Urologist it is a simple day surgery, but I wanted to talk it over with Hugh, so I gave him a quick call.

My concern about having the surgery was the baby.  I was afraid with it getting close to my due date (March 21) we could have the baby early and have a newborn AND be taking Calder for surgery.  Hugh and I decided we wouldn't be having the baby before the 28th and that if God forbid we did, we would just cancel Calder's surgery.

Tripp's health has filled most of the days of this past week.  Hugh and I decided that for Calder's health we need to keep the surgery for Monday.  It is just better for Calder to get the surgery over with.  It could be months until we get another surgery date.

So today, we are off for his pre-op appointment.  Calder knows we are going to the doctor today and when we ask him what the doctor is going to do he opens his mouth wide and says "awwwwwww".  When we ask him what else is the doctor going to do, he says "pee, pee"!

As we left the hospital after Tripp passed away early Wednesday morning, I told Hugh I didn't want Calder to have the surgery.  The thought of being back at the hospital was unbearable not to mention that although it is a routine day surgery it still is surgery that he will need to be put under for.  By the time we got to the car, I had changed my mind.  Calder needs the surgery.  If he doesn't have it now, he will just have to have it in a couple of months.  Even this morning, Hugh and I said to each other multiple times, "this is the right choice, right?"  It is.  It is just nice to hear it said out loud!


  1. If it helps to hear it from someone else. We think you are making the right choice for Calder.

    We're thinking of you and admiring your strength. We hope you keep finding some comfort in your memories.

    Sending big hugs, and lots of love to all of you.

    Katie and Matt


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