The way it is SUPPOSED to be.

In The post I didn't write, I talked about the moment I had a Drew's birthday party when I counted 5 kids instead of 6.

On Monday, after reading that post, a friend wrote me an email. She spoke of her brother's passing and noted that, "he is STILL at every family occasion and is NEVER far from my thoughts. That is how it is SUPPOSE to be. For what it is worth, I still count 8 siblings EVERY time our family is together. We cannot separate love and grief; one only makes the other stronger."

I had an "ah-ha" moment and a little cry. I am supposed to notice that Tripp is missing. Of course. 

I talked to another friend this week and she told me that the posts about Tripp are her favorite ones. She said that she didn't get to meet Tripp, but hearing about my grief is part of Tripp's story. Those posts help her get to know more about Tripp.

I needed to hear those things this week. I needed to get the supportive emails, texts, and comments on my blog (thank-you so much for those). I needed to be reminded of the love around me.

I am putting, "Why am I so consumed by what other people think?"on my list of things to talk about with our counsellor. I am hoping to have an "ah-ha" moment about that someday, too! 


  1. I love what both your friends said:) I agree with both.

    I find when I gave up caring what other people thought, I became much happier. You should consider reading "The Four Agreements". It really puts all of this into perspective.

  2. I agree too! To both comments. I love love love hearing about Tripp.. and the love you have for him, just like I love your posts about Calder.


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